【Apology】Try managing a free EA portfolio! (13-17 February 2023)

Portfolio 1,Portfolio management


There were a lot of troubles this week… sweat

Sorry, I couldn’t accurately grasp the history of each EA.

Let me just say that we didn’t have a drawdown by any means.

We will try to prevent this from happening in the future, so please forgive us.

MQL5 Free EA – NOZAX Portfolio No.1

Starting this week, we’re back to before Night JRNY was added.

NOZAX Portfolio No.1
  • Account: NZX Zero (ECN) (NOZAX)
  • Initial balance: 100,000 yen
  • Working EA:
  • TraderMind EA MT5: Currency pair: USDCAD#, Timeframe: 1-hour, Lot quantity: 0.03 lot
  • White Bear DT for NOZAX: Currency pair: GBPJPY#, Timeframe: 5-minute, Lot quantity: 0.01 lot
  • White Bear DT for NOZAX: Currency pair: USDJPY#, Timeframe: 5-minute, Lot quantity: 0.02 lot

Strategies for the next week and beyond

Last week, shortly after publishing my portfolio performance article, I noticed that the free version of Night JRNY was no longer available. I was shocked because I had been keeping an eye on Night JRNY for a long time and had just included it in my portfolio.

Since it claims to be a portfolio of free EA, it became necessary to remove Night JRNY and look for an alternative EA.

There were several candidates when I was looking for various things, but the free version was released for a short period of time, and before I knew it, the release of the free version was stopped. (* It means that only the paid version is now.) )

From the standpoint of the EA author, there are such options…
From the standpoint of starting such a site, it was unexpected.

Now, as for next week and beyond, I’ll look for the next one without saying anything… 😂


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