【This Week’s Results & ChatGPT】Try Managing a Free EA Portfolio! (20-24 March 2023)

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Mini-reviewWe asked ChatGPT!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

From this time, I was going to ask ChatGPT about Forex, but there is something I really want you to understand about AI itself.

Please note that FX-related matters will be discussed from the next time.

Q: What are the advantages and disadvantages of AI such as ChatGPT?

A: ChatGPT: https://chat.openai.com/auth/login response

AI (artificial intelligence) technology, especially large-scale language models such as ChatGPT, has various advantages and disadvantages. Here are a few:


  1. Efficiency: AI can process large amounts of information in a short time and provide quick solutions and answers. This frees up human labor to focus on more important tasks.
  2. Flexibility: AI can be applied to various fields and industries. AI technology is used in a wide range of fields, including natural language processing, image recognition, and speech recognition.
  3. Available 24 hours a day: AI is always available as you don’t have to take breaks or vacations. This facilitates the delivery of customer support and services.
  4. Individualization: AI can analyze large amounts of data and provide customized information and services tailored to individual user needs and preferences.


  1. Information staleness: Large language models are based on training data, and if the training data is outdated, it may not be able to provide up-to-date information.
  2. Ethical issues: AI can take over bias in training data. This may result in inappropriate answers or biased information.
  3. Communication with humans: AI can feel unnatural because it is difficult for AI to fully understand human emotions and nuances.
  4. Job loss: AI automating many tasks can lead to a decrease in jobs in some job categories.

With the development of AI technology, these advantages and disadvantages will continue to change. While maximizing the benefits of technology, ingenuity and consideration are required to address the disadvantages.

How long does it take you to write a sentence like the one above?

With ChatGPT, I’ll write it right away, but think twice.
Is this the only merit or demerit?

AI may be amazing, but it’s just a system that learns what humans have accomplished. Please be aware of this and use it as a tool.

I asked ChatGPT one more question.

Q: Is AI such as ChatGPT a tool?

A: Yes, AI such as ChatGPT can be considered as a tool. AI (Artificial Intelligence) is a technology that allows computer systems to imitate human intelligence. AI tools are used for a variety of purposes and are developed to solve problems and accomplish tasks efficiently.

Language models like ChatGPT are tools to help with language tasks such as question answering, sentence generation, translation, and summarization. AI tools are widely used in business, science, technology, entertainment, and other sectors to help humans to address a variety of challenges. However, AI is not perfect and sometimes makes mistakes. That is why you should be careful when using AI tools.

That’s all I wanted to write…

MQL5 Free EA – NOZAX Portfolio No.1

NOZAX Portfolio No.1
  • Account: NZX Zero (ECN) (NOZAX)
  • Initial balance: 100,000 yen
  • Working EA:
  • TraderMind EA MT5: Currency pair: USDCAD#, Timeframe: 1-hour, Lot quantity: 0.03 lot
  • White Bear DT for NOZAX: Currency pair: GBPJPY#, Timeframe: 5-minute, Lot quantity: 0.01 lot
  • White Bear DT for NOZAX: Currency pair: USDJPY#, Timeframe: 5-minute, Lot quantity: 0.02 lot


Results from 20 to 24 March (NOZAX Portfolio No.1)

  • TraderMind EA MT5: 0 wins and 1 loss, total profit and loss was -2523 yen (-86.0pips).
  • White Bear DT GBPJPY: 4 wins and 9 losses, total profit and loss was -8970 yen (-889.2pips).
  • White Bear DT USDJPY: 8 wins and 2 losses, total profit and loss was -2144 yen (-101.4pips).

Past Results (NOZAX Portfolio No.1)

The individual results of each EA to date are as follows.

  • 3 January-24 March 2023
    (Trades with a profit of even 1 yen are counted as “winning", while the reverse is counted as “negative")
  • All EAs lost this week. White Bear DT had a long position before the FOMC meeting, so I had a bad feeling. The balance fell to ¥104,518 from ¥118,155 at the end of last week, resulting in the loss of three-quarters of the profit in the first three months.

Current status and schedule of the portfolio

This week, we were at the mercy of irregular price movements by the FOMC. I had a bad feeling, but I left it alone.

You won’t regret it.

I can’t stop thinking that it also serves as an EA forward…

Please note that in the future, you may have to make a manual payment in such a situation.
From next week, I will have a change of heart.


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