【Weekly Results】Try managing a free EA portfolio! (27 Feb.–3 Mar. 2023)

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I reappeared… Night JRNY Micro Scalper MT5

When I was looking at MQL5 Market this Tuesday (February 28), I saw a familiar and characteristic thumbnail image…
I thought it was wrong, but there is no doubt that Night JRNY Micro Scalper is a good EA, so I immediately reassembled it into NOZAX Portfolio Np.1 and resumed operation.

However, just as I write this article, I noticed that the registration was deleted again on March 3rd…

MQL5 Free EA – NOZAX Portfolio No.1

NOZAX Portfolio No.1
  • Account: NZX Zero (ECN) (NOZAX)
  • Initial balance: 100,000 yen
  • Working EA:
  • TraderMind EA MT5: Currency pair: USDCAD#, Timeframe: 1-hour, Lot quantity: 0.03 lot
  • White Bear DT for NOZAX: Currency pair: GBPJPY#, Timeframe: 5-minute, Lot quantity: 0.01 lot
  • White Bear DT for NOZAX: Currency pair: USDJPY#, Timeframe: 5-minute, Lot quantity: 0.02 lot
  • Night JRNY Micro Scalper MT5: Currency Pairs: GBPUSD#,EURCHF#,USDCHF#,EURGBP#,AUDCAD#, EURCAD#, Timeframe: 5-minute, Lot quantity: 0.01 Lot X5

Results from 27 Feb. to 3 Mar. (NOZAX Portfolio No.1)

  • TraderMind EA MT5: 2 wins and 0 losses, total profit and loss was 64 yen (3.2 pips).
  • White Bear DT GBPJPY : 0 wins and 0 losses, total profit and loss of 0 yen (0pips).
  • White Bear DT USDJPY: 0 wins and 2 losses, with a total profit of -34 yen (0.1 pips).
  • Night JRNY Micro Scalper x5: 2 wins and 0 losses, total profit and loss was 275 yen (5pips).

Past Results (NOZAX Portfolio No.1)

The results of each EA so far are as follows.

  • 3 January – 3 March 2023
    (Trades with a profit of even 1 yen are counted as “winning", while the reverse is counted as “negative")
  • Night JRNY, which reappeared only for a week, was able to win safely, and the balance increased to 118,725 yen. I can’t shake the feeling that it was a little too much, but I hope that you will maintain this momentum as much as possible.

Upcoming next week

Considering the purpose of “building a portfolio with free EA", it is meaningless if all blog readers cannot approach EA. Therefore, now that we no longer have registered for the free version, we will exclude it from our portfolio.

Until a new EA is found, we would like to revert back to the status quo before the addition of Night JRNY and continue to operate.


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